meet miss kitty.

some of my earliest memories were made in my grandma's kitchen. many things i smell when i'm baking now take me right back to a time and place i can barely remember, but the feeling that comes along with it is what never fades: it's an enveloping warmth, a hug that feels like home.



i was a lucky kid. we had parents who loved us and cared for us and spent a lot of time with us. they both worked very hard as young parents to put food on the table for three young kids. i was fortunate to have all of my grandparents well into my adult life. we got to spend a lot of time with them when we were growing up, and i didn't realize until i was older just how special that time was.


my mom brought us up in a kitchen, just as her mom had. i have loved cooking and baking for as long as i can remember, and my mom would say the same. it almost feels like we were born into it. maybe, in some ways, we were.



when i left home, and started cooking and baking on my own for the first time, some of my proudest private moments were those when i felt homesick and made a dish my mom or grandma had made for me, and it tasted exactly the same, with and without recipes.


when i started sharing that food with other people, i learned that the love i was given and the love i felt was being translated through those dishes.



in my family, we owe so much of this love to OUR miss kitty...



if you have had a miss kitty in your life, i  hope you will share your stories with me, so we can create a space together, to show our gratitude.


if you haven't had the privilege of having a miss kitty in your life, my hope is that when you walk into the bar we're going to build, you will feel like you have...